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Radio Nigeria staff, Harriet, Joshua tie the knot

Love indeed is a beautiful thing, and once again, the force of love had its way when two staff of Radio Nigeria fell in love and decided to tie the knot.

The beautiful cultural display at the family compound of Mr. Patrick Parkinson at Agumor Community along Badagry expressway was busy all day with family, friends, relatives, and well-wishers thronging in to celebrate the wedding between two of Radio Nigeria’s finest staff, Joshua Adams and Harriet Parkinson.

This was not only a celebration of love because with this union, but another cord linking the southern and northern parts of the country was also established as Harriet hails from Calabar Municipal Local Government, Cross River State, while Joshua is from Zongo Kataf Local Government Area, Kaduna.

Joshua Adams arriving at his wedding in style. Photo: Muzha Kucha

Mother of the bride, Mrs. Ene Elizabeth Parkinson who could not contain her joy said “when Harriet told me she wants to get married to a Kaduna man, I didn’t discourage her but was ready for God’s will to be done”.

She said this union was a lesson to Nigerian’s that “we should embrace ourselves and live in unity because we are one”.

High-spirited dances and celebrations adorned the event. Photo: Muzha Kucha

A Former Director Lagos Operations (DLO) of Radio Nigeria, Prince Adeyinka Amosun who was present at the wedding said. “This is a classical example showing that there is a cordial person-to-person relationship in Nigeria”.

Prince Amosun congratulated the couple who he said have contributed their role in nation-building which was in line with the vision of Radio Nigeria, “Uplift the People and Unite the Nation” and commended Radio Nigeria for remaining a true unifying platform for Nigerians.

The event also served as a get-together for staff of Radio Nigeria who traveled from different locations to Badagry in celebration of their colleagues that had just started a home.

Highlights of the event were the beautiful Efik cultural display by the Nka Nkanda multi-cultural troop.

Muzha Kucha

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