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Bakers to go on strike in Kano

Barely one week after they called off a three-day ‘warning’ strike, Gurasa Bakers Association of Kano say they will go on an indefinite strike if the increase in the price of flour is not reversed.

‘Gurasa’ is a popular local flat bread indigenous to Kano.

The Chairperson, Fatima Auwalu, said no action was taken despite their industrial action, saying the bakers are loosing in profit due to the recurring increment in the price of flour.

The Chairperson pointed out that not long ago, the price of flour was N9,500 but now it has reached N16,200, calling on the companies to reverse the price to N9,000 or shutdown the business.

Umar Badamasi, Vice Chairman of Gurasa Sellers Association, expressed surprise at the increase.

“This is the product that we bought N12, 000 per bag recently, it increased to N13, 000, N14000 up to over N16, 000. This is sad. Our business is being negatively affected. Something has to be done”, he pleaded.

Checks have revealed that the flour companies have increased the price of the commodity by 56 per cent within the period of one year, a situation that resulted in an uproar in the country.

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