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MKO died in vain if Nigeria’s democracy collapses – Jamiu Abiola

Son of Chief MKO Abiola, Alhaji Jamiu Abiola has floated a foundation named after his mother, to work for peace and unity in the face of agitations for secession.

The Kudirat Abiola Sabon Gari Peace Foundation was launched in Zaria, in memory of his Zaria-born mother, who was assassinated on June 4, 1996.

Major Hamza al-Mustapha, aide to military ruler Sani Abacha, was acquitted of ordering the killing of Kudirat, after spending 14 years in prison.

Alhaji Jamiu, Chairman of the Foundation said, it was founded to work against “forces” trying to bring Nigeria down, adding that the creation of Nigeria by God was not a mistake.

“I chose to float this foundation now, 25 years after my mother’s demise because of where we are now as a country. Where we are now as a country is very dangerous. We have a democracy but we have…so many things working towards destroying the country.

He said it would mean that his parents, Alhaja Kudirat and Chief MKO Abiola died in vain if Nigeria or its democracy collapses.

“So, this time around, we are going to assist the government to look for solutions to the problems because we don’t want to benefit from the government, we want the government to benefit from us. So, we are encouraging people to join our course so that we can recover quickly.

He argued that the government has good intention but that it needed all citizens to participate to move the country forward.

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