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World Blood Donor Day: NBTS supplies 50,000 blood pints

The National Blood Transfusion Service NBTS, in Kaduna has supplied more than Fifty Thousand Pints of blood to various Health centres to save the lives of people who have shortage of blood.

A medical Lab Scientist at the NBTS Mr Zabayo Omorukbe stated this while speaking at a sensitization campaign organized by the Association of Medical Lab Scientists of Nigeria to mark this year’s World Blood Donor Day in Kaduna.

He explained that each year, the NBTS in Kaduna receives Closed to Three Thousand Pints of blood from donors which are then screened using a fourth-generation WHO-approved Machine before transfusing the blood to patients.

Mr Lawal Taofiq Babasalam addressing the public during the 2021 Blood Donor Day Campaign in Kaduna. Photo: Shindong Bala

In a speech, State Chairman of the Association of Medical Lab Scientists of Nigeria, Mr Lawal Taofiq Babsalam said World Blood Donor Day was a day set aside by the World Health Organization for Blood Donation campaigns globally.

Mr Babsalam lamented that blood Donation had dropped down as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, however, advised all Healthy People to donate Blood at least once a year to save lives and also improve their health status.

A regular Blood Donor who also spoke at the event, Mr Emmanuel Tanko said he has donated his blood more than Twenty Two times adding that it made him feel stronger and healthier each time he donates.

Shindong Bala

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