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Security, employment, top PMB’s speech on Democracy Day

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday, to commemorate June 12 Democracy Day, says security challenges would be surmounted.

In a nationwide broadcast early in the morning, he said the unintended consequences of defeating insurgency in the north east are what the country was facing, posing more onerous challenge.

He explained that after driving out and defeating insurgents from their hideout, they have now moved in-country, and are the unintended insecurity in the country.

He lamented that some persons have leverage on these challenges for selfish reason, maintaining that the government would also meet headlong, these issues, and bring it to an end.

Maintaining security, with its butterfly effect of peace, thereby making Nigeria a prosperous country were youth are gainfully employed and children are safe, would continue to be the bedrock of the present administration, the President said.

”As a nation we have come very far from where we started and we are getting incrementally closer to where we ought to be.Overcoming the present challenges is but one of a necessary process that we have to undergo as a nation so that we can come out stronger. The day I joined the Nigerian Army I was prepared to lay down my life for Nigeria”.

Read the full speech here

I shall do all within my power to ensure that the Security and welfare of the people remain the primary purpose of government, he added.

June 12 Democracy Day

Nigeria’s Democracy Day is a public holiday to commemorate the restoration of democracy in military rule.

May 29 was initially the official democracy day when the newly elected Olusegun Obasanjo took office as the president in 1999.

In june 6, 2018, eight days after May 29, 2018 had been celebrated as Democracy Day, President Buhari declared June 12 to be the new Democracy Day and gave his inaugural address for his second term on June 12, 2019.

These were done to commemorate the democratic election of MKO Abiola on June 12, 1993, in what has been adjudged to be Nigeria’s freest and fairest elections. It was, however, cancelled by the Ibra

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