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NGO canvasses support for street children

The vice chairman of a Non-Governmental Organisation, Mother of Children, Ms. Rukaya Abdullah has called for a representation of Street Children in the Children’s Parliament to give them a voice to express their challenges and proffer solutions.

She made the call on “Street Children”, a Radio Nigeria Network Programme, and explained that having a street child as a member of the parliament would serve as a link between the government and children on the streets in taking the right steps and measures in addressing their plight.

“They need a representative, someone who grew up amongst them, someone who knows them. That person would be a spokesperson who will help discuss with them. That person would be the one to tell us what they want and how we can help them” she said.

Ms. Rukaya Abdullah further called on government to focus on the root cause of children on the street by assisting their parents to be economically empowered to carry out their responsibilities in catering for the welfare of their children.

Azizatu Sani

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