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Ship blocking Suez Canal partially refloated

Engineers partly freed a wedged ship blocking the Suez Canal, and tug boats are now working to straighten its course, which could soon reopen the vital trade route and end days of global supply disruptions.

The massive container ship which has been blocking the Suez Canal for almost a week started to move on Monday, according to maritime traffic tracking sites, raising hopes the vital global trade route could soon be clear.

The MV Ever Given, longer than four football fields, has been wedged diagonally across the canal since Tuesday, strangling world supply chains and costing the global economy billions.

The stern of the boat has now moved away from the canal’s western bank.

Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, which operates the waterway, said Monday that tugs dislodged the bow of the 1,300-foot Ever Given, operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, from the eastern bank of the canal.

In a statement published at around 5 am local time  the SCA stated that “towing manoeuvres to refloat the container ship Ever Given have started with the help of 10 giant tugs.”

Inchcape, a maritime services company, tweeted that the ship had been “successfully re-floated” and was “being secured.” 

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