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Facebook to label COVID-19 vaccine posts

Facebook say it had started adding labels to posts that discusses the safety of the Covid-19 vaccine and would soon label all posts about its safety.

The social media company, which has been criticised for allowing vaccine misinformation to spread on its platforms, said in a blog post that measures were now in place to check that.

False claims and conspiracies about the COVID-19 vaccines have proliferated on social media platforms.

Facebook and Instagram, which recently tightened their policies after long taking a hands-off approach to vaccine misinformation, remain home to large accounts, pages, and groups that promote false claims about the shots and can be easily found through keyword searches.

Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, said in an interview that the company had taken viral false claims “very seriously” but said there was “a huge grey area of people who had concerns.”

“The best thing to do in that huge grey area is just to show up with authoritative information in a helpful way, be a part of the conversation and do it with health experts,” Cox added.

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