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Two killed in Chad opposition candidate’s house

At least two people are dead in the central African nation of Chad, following an attempt by security forces to arrest Opposition Candidate Yaya Dillo at his home on Sunday.

Mr. Dillo, who plans to run against President Idriss Deby in April’s presidential election, told Reuters he was attacked at home by members of the presidential guard and that five family members were killed, including his mother.

The government said in a statement on Sunday that security forces went to Mr. Dillo’s home to arrest him after he refused to respond to two judicial mandates and were met with armed resistance. It did not say what the mandates were about.

Two people were killed and five wounded in the ensuing fight, including three policemen, the government said.

Internet has been cut in the capital N’Djamena since early Sunday morning, a Reuters report said.

Mr. Dillo said his gate was crushed by an armoured vehicle and his house has been surrounded by government forces since the incident.

Videos shared on Twitter showed a Chadian military tank moving on a house, while a crowd pelted it with objects. Another video showed several similar armoured vehicles lining a street.

A former rebel leader who fought against President Deby in 2006, Mr. Dillo joined the current government and became a minister. More recently, he served as Chad’s representative to the Central African Economic and Monetary Community (CEMAC).

He is one of sixteen people who have announced their intention to run against Mr. Deby in next month’s election.

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