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Thierry Henry steps down as Montréal coach

CF Montreal head coach, Thierry Henry has stepped down as a result of family reasons.

Thierry Henry took over Montreal in November 2019 as the Head Coach.

Montreal was forced to relocate to the United States last season due to the coronavirus pandemic and Henry was unwilling to leave his family behind again in Canada.

“Due to the worldwide pandemic, I was unable to see my children. Unfortunately due to the ongoing restrictions and the fact that we will have to relocate to the US again for several months will be no different. The separation is too much of a strain for me and my kids”. He noted.

The 43-year-old coach returned to London after 15 months with the Major League Soccer club.

Montréal Sports Director Olivier Renard said: “Thierry’s departure is unfortunate and premature because it was very promising.

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