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Reps advocate suspension of employment ban on universities

The House of Representatives has asked the Federal government to immediately lift the ban on employment in federal universities across the country.

Adopting a motion sponsored by a member from Osun State, Mrs. Oluga Taiwo, the House also mandated its Committee on Tertiary Education and Services to ascertain the number of internal vacancies existing in all Federal Government Universities with a view to monitoring their replacements in order to curb inefficiency and waste in the system.

Leading the debate, the lawmaker said recent oversight of Federal Universities in Nigeria revealed that the institutions have an avalanche of internal vacancies for both academic and non–academic positions, but because of the ban on recruitment, the positions cannot be filled.

This according to Mrs. Oluga, is hampering smooth academic programmes in the universities.

She said the amount appropriated in the national budget for personnel expenditure in universities can accommodate the internal vacancies, hence universities should be allowed to fill the vacancies, especially where the amounts appropriated for capital expenditure can offset the attendant personnel costs.

The Lawmaker, argued that even though the conditions leading to the ban on employment in the institutions still exist, a lot of vacancies have been created as a result of retirement and death as well as resignation in search of greener pastures.

Mrs. Oluga said the vacancies created by the exit should be filled through replacement and not an outright fresh employment, adding that doing so will enhance teaching and learning and reduce the burden on those left in the institutions.

Ibrahim Shehu

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