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Organize, dont agonize, Prof Akande urges youths on national development

Thw Chairman of the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) ,Professor Adeolu Akande has urged Nigerian youths to organise themselves for the purpose of providing leadership instead of agonising.

Professor Akande said the greatest opportunity to contribute to national leadership is for the youths to participate in politics and influence the he leadership of the country to fast- track the nation’s national developpment.

Professor Akande spoke as Guest Speaker at the 53rd Convention of Junior Chambers International ,Ibadan Chapter at the weekend.

Akande who delivered the keynote address entitled “Nigerian Development Dilemma: The role of the youths”, explained that the youths constitute over 70 percent of Nigeria’s population and therefore constitutes a major bloc that could guarantee the devepment of the country .

“The country will be blessed if  a substantial part of her  population contributes to her development. With over 70 percent of the Nigerian population as youths, the Nigerian youths are well placed to make such contribution”, he said.

Professor Akande further highlighted that the youths also constituted the biggest labour force in the ciuntry has and the biggest advantage as agents of change, only through constructive mobilization.

“The youths therefore have many channels through which they can contribute to national development.

He singled out political participation as one of the greatest channels through which Nigerian youths can make their contribution to national development. “It is through the political process you can make the most impactful contribution to national development.

” You can achieve this through standing for election to provide political leadership, actively participate in the political parties to ensure they produce qualified and reliable persons as candidates, mobilise voters to vote for responsible people and also going out en masse on   election days to vote for dependable people at the election .

We also have a civic responsinility to put our governments under watch and ensure they live up to our expectation in  their performance”.

Professor Akande commended President Muhammadu Buahari for enacting the “Not too Young To Run  Act” that expands the oppurtunities for Nigerian youths to participate more actively in politics,urging the youths to take advantage of the law.

“It is true that there are challenges hindering the participation of Nigerian youths in politics, however,we cannot continue to agonise. Instead,we should organise to take advantage of our huge population and dynamism as youths to be part of the decision making in the country”.

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