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NGO canvasses more youth involvement in politics

The Interfaith Youth Congress of Nigeria (IYCN) has called on Youths to be actively engaged in the country’s political development.

It says the time when Politics was left to the powerful or elderly alone was gone.

A statement by the Group’s National Co-coordinator, comrade Hadassah Oyebimpe Wealth, says it is the only way the legacy of the #ENDSARS protest would be preserved.

Describing the youth as a powerful force that could re-direct the nation towards the path of progress and development, Comrade Hadassah Wealth urged them to be focused and not be distracted by ethnic or religious divisions being promoted by those she described as selfish individuals.

She said this was also a wakeup call to all youths both at home and in Diaspora to get actively involved in the politics, Governance and Peace building process in the country .

The statement also sympathized with all those who lost loved ones and property during the protest which was later hijacked by miscreants.

While urging all youths to desist from violence,  she called for holistic Police reforms to cover I ssues such as Training, Welfare and Accountability. 

The Interfaith Youth Congress of Nigeria (IYCN) forum for peace is a National Interreligious and Intercultural platform that promotes dialogue to build peace, Stability and Development in conflict areas and in Nigeria at Large.


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