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Sudan to discuss trade, migration with Israel

Sudan and Israel are to discuss cooperation agreements in the areas of trade and migration in the coming weeks, according to Khartoum’s foreign ministry.

The proposed talks, announced on Sunday, signal steps by the two countries to implement a normalisation pact following decades of hostilities.

Responding to the announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a tweet that his country would send wheat worth 5 million Dollars to “our new friends of Sudan”.

The US-brokered accord made Sudan the third Arab nation after the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to establish relations with Israel in the last two months, and only the fifth since 1948. The others are Egypt in 1978 and Jordan in 1994.

In Sudan, some prominent political factions have rejected the accord with Jerusalem. A number of Sudanese officials insist the accord should be approved by a transitional parliament. Observers however point out that no such body has yet been formed over a year since mass unrest overthrew long-ruling dictator, Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

Khartoum’s foreign ministry said Sudanese and Israeli delegations would meet in coming weeks to negotiate deals for agriculture, aviation, trade and migration.

It gave no details or timeframe for the talks.

The normalisation deal is sensitive in Sudan, formerly a hardline critic of the Jewish state. It has divided opinion among military and civilian leaders heading the country’s post-Bashir transitional government.

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