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Mother of septuplet appeals for help

2 of the remaining 5 babies shown in an incubator because they are pre-term

A 44 year old woman, Mrs Amaka Emmanuel, has given birth to Septuplet (7 children at a time) at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, and is appealing for support from government and individuals.

Emmanuel told Radio Nigeria in an interview on Friday that the pregnancy came 10 years after her first child, which she considers a miracle.

“My prayers for the government and patriotic Nigerians is to come and help us because it is not what we planned for, but it is God that did it, so since it is God that did it let them come to our aid and help us to train the children.”

Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Professor Bissallah Ekele said Mrs Emmanuel lost two of the babies after delivery but five were doing fine in an incubator.

Professor Ekele said a lot more was needed to keep them alive and that the management was doing its best to ensure both the mother and the babies stay healthy.

Dr Gga Vandi Kwaghe, a chief consultant and gynaecologist, said the effect of the Septuplet in the womb of the mother before delivery was overwhelming and had to be placed on spinal Anastasia before the operation was carried out.

Before the delivery, she had high blood pressure and their was fluid inside her body system with difficulty in breathing which had to be stabilised first, and the babies were pre-term, he said.

He called on pregnant women with multiple pregnancies and high blood pressure to go for regular checkups to ensure safe delivery.

Daniel Adejo

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