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Chief Uzoma emerges national president cooperative societies

The candidate from Abia State, Chief Nwogwugwu Uzoma has emerged National President of National Apex of Nigerian Farmers Cooperative Societies (NANFACOS).

The first election of the cooperative took place in Abuja.

Chief Uzoma who represented the Abia State Apex Farmers Cooperative Societies emerged the elected National President of the body.

The election also produced Mallam Mohammed Kuyizhi as as the National Secretary of the Cooperative body.

NANFACOS has the mandate to create business linkages for the cooperative farmers nationwide, unite the entire farmers cooperatives as a family no matter the scope.

Other mandates are to seek the welfare of the affiliates sourcing fund and agriculture input,

materials and machineries locally and internationally to enable them be comfortable, productive and self-reliant, to use the platform to create wealth for the members and improve the Nigerian economy, chase hunger and unemployment ravaging the nation Nigeria as the head of African Nations.

The Cooperative is also expected to work towards setting Nigeria ahead of other countries in Africa in Agribusiness in collaboration with department of cooperatives Ministry of Agriculture, seek improved seedlings and bumper harvest of its cooperator nationwide.

NANFACOS will also be rendering extensive services to its members as to bring techniques of farming to enable them be meeting up their needs and aspiration, work with local and international financial agencies/institutions in accessing loans and grants for the teaming member cooperators.

While commending their members for a peaceful election, Chief Uzoma said their aim would be to ensure that food is on the table of all Nigerian regards its abundance and security, to unite all cooperative farmers to speak with one voice.

“To work towards assessment of loan from National and International Funding agencies and financial institution for the Nigerian affiliators in Agric business, as NANFACOS shall work according to cooperative principles and methods of lending and recoveries.

“To make sure that most Agricultural inputs and machineries are accesses/purchased in a subsidized rate by the federal government, most importantly to create a platform where the federal government will work in synergy with NANFACOS, creating special programs for the teaming members regards that the development of any society must be private driving stuff”, he noted.

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