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Lagos to re-open Cinemas, Gyms

The Lagos State Government has directed the reopening of Cinemas and gyms as part of the phased re-opening of the economy following the lock down imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu made this known while briefing newsmen at the Lagos House, Marina.

He said the full re-opening of worship centres would be based on the condition that they abide by the prescribed COVID-19 safety protocols.

The Governor directed that cinemas are to keep to a 33% capacity by maintaining a two seat distance between cinema goers and stressed that bars, night clubs and event centres in the state are to remain shut till further notice.

“Next month, October, we will announce the decisions regarding the reopening of other sectors of the economy such as night-clubs, bars, event centers, spas, public parks and so on. Governor Sanwo-Olu stated.

For now, these will continue to remain closed, until fixed plans for reopening are announced in October 2020.

As regards our places of worship, we are now also permitting the mosques to resume their five times a day prayers; and in the case of churches, they are now also permitted to resume their mid-week services” He said

Governor Sanwo-Olu who reiterated that public schools will begin staggered resumption on Monday next week, advised private schools to emulate the state government by putting in place safety measures and also consider staggered resumption of classes

He said all pre-primary schools are to remain shut.

“We must not forget that the Coronavirus pandemic is still very much with us, and we must therefore strive to prioritize the safety of all our children, teachers, parents, and the entire society”.

The Governor said all of the resumption guidelines and protocols must be strictly adhered to by the various stakeholders.

”Maintain the required levels of hygiene, through regular handwashing and use of sanitizers, wear masks in all public places, avoid non-essential public gatherings, and maintain the prescribed levels of physical distancing at all times” Governor Sanwo-Olu warned.

On the collapse of a school building in Ejigbo area of the State, Governor Sanwo-Olu said he had directed that from next week, integrity test should be conducted on all public and private school buildings with three or more storey.

The Governor said information gathered show that an additional storey was joined to the school building which resulted in the collapse of the structure and that he had ordered that the remaining structure be pulled down immediately.

He said that Inspite of the re-opening of Murtala Muhammed International airport on the 5th of this month, the COVID-19 positivity rate still remains less than 5%, Governor Sanwo-Olu said over one hundred thousand tests have been conducted in the State, while a decline has been recorded in COVID-19 related deaths in Lagos.

He advised all persons who wish to test for COVID-19, either out of curiosity, or as a requirement for inbound or outbound travel to book their tests in private laboratories accredited by Lagos State through the Lagos-State-owned portal: covid19.lagosstatebiobank.com.

He reiterated that testing would remain free for all persons who show symptoms of the virus or have had contact with infected persons.

Omolara Omosanya

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