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Flood: NEMA places 7 LGAs in Benue on high alert

The National Emergency Management Agency has identified seven Local Government Areas in Benue State that could be badly affected by flood based on the 2020 seasonal rainfall prediction.

Makurdi, Gwer West, Logo, Ado, Kwande, Vandeikya, Guma and Agatu LGAs are placed on high alert, the NEMA Director, Disaster Risk Reduction, Mr. Vincent Owan said when he visited Governor Samuel Ortom on Saturday in Makurdi.

He urged the Benue State Government to put in place preparedness measures through the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA to mitigate the effect of the flood.

He also suggested public enlightenment campaigns targeting vulnerable communities be carried out, while high grounds should be identified to shelter displaced persons.

Desilting river channels and canals, removal of refuse from water channels and drainage, would allow free flow of water thereby mitigating the effect of the flood, the director suggested.

Governor Ortom said the major cause of flood in the state was the shallow nature of the River Benue which can no longer contain water and appealed to the Federal Government to dredge it.

Mr. Vincent represented the DG NEMA, retired AVM Muhammadu Muhammad at the meeting.

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