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FG launches fertilizer tree planting in Jigawa

The Federal Government has launched fertilizer tree planting as an alternative to chemical application of fertilizer in farmlands.

The minister of Agriculture Alhaji Sabo Nanono who launched the programme in Jigawa state also cautioned farmers against cutting down of trees in the country.

Planting of the multi-purpose economic trees would address the issue of desertification and build resilience to climate change, he said.

“In Niger republic, no one is allowed to cut down a tree, but unfortunately in Nigeria, the story is different. People cut down trees at any time they wish and this has a negative effect on our environment.”

The minister said traditional institution must support the government in halting the desertification of the country, hence making our environment to adapt to climate change.

Governor Badaru Abubakar said his administration has so far produced ten million seedlings of different varieties of trees, however, the Gawo tree seedlings will subsequently be given priority because of its fertilizer content.

He further explained that in a hectare of farmland 10 to 15 number of Gawo tree also known as Alcacia albida will be sufficient to replace the chemical application of fertilizer.

“We would strengthen the law that prohibits the cutting down of trees in the state, to allow farmers to reap the benefits from economic trees.” The Governor added.

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