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Shootings cut short Trump’s White House briefing

US President Donald Trump says an “armed” person has been shot outside the White House, forcing a Secret Service personnel to rush him from the press briefing room.

The person was taken to hospital after suffering “serious” injuries, Mr. Trump said on Monday evening.

He said no-one else was injured.

“It seems to be very well under control … But there was an actual shooting, and…I don’t know the condition of the person (being hospitalized),” he added.

According to the president, two shots were fired in “rapid succession” during the incident.

He said the shooting was “near the edge of the White House grounds” and he was taken to the Oval Office while “law enforcement” dealt with the situation.

Mr. Trump was a few minutes into a scheduled press briefing when a member of the Secret Service walked on stage and cut him off mid-sentence.

He was escorted from the room along with several administration officials who had joined him for the press briefing.

Journalists were locked inside the room during the incident, and armed police were seen outside, guarding the exits.

The shooting took place near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, just blocks from the White House, the Associated Press reported anonymous administration officials as saying.

The scene of Monday’s incident is just west of Lafayette Square, the park in front of the White House, where clashes recently took place between protesters and authorities during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

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