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Group moves for South-East President come 2023

Chancellor, Nigeria Presidential Project (NPP) 2023, Dr Walter Oji, has called for collaboration of all stakeholders, political parties, government at all levels, and South Easterners towards ensuring that a president of South-East extraction emerges in 2023.

Dr Oji while briefing journalists in Enugu during the inaugural meeting of the NPP explained that the forum was not a political party, but aimed at advocating full integration of the South-East geopolitical Zone into Nigeria’s Political Power Distribution, with particular attention to the Presidency, come 2023.

Dr. Orji called for full political rehabilitation of the South-Eastern Zone, observing that Nigeria’s Power rotation had been a North to South and South to North arrangement.

He further remarked that the concept of power rotation and zoning was not new in the country and remained the sure way of ensuring equity, justice and fair play in the distribution of power across Nigeria’s regions and geopolitical zones.

Dr Orji said the group had commenced consultation and collaboration across Niger and Benue, as well as the Southern neighbours, towards actualisation of the noble cause of the South-East geopolitical zone producing the next President of Nigeria, come 2023 .

The inauguration of the project was attended by representatives of the forum from states of the South-East and representatives of various political parties, with appealed to those parties to select their presidential candidates from the South-East in 2023.

Ifeoma Amuta

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