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Covid-19: European countries reinstate travel restrictions

On Wednesday, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced travel bans on people coming from Romania and Bulgaria, after authorities identified 170 new infections linked to recent arrivals from those countries.

The rolling number of virus infections in Bulgaria has doubled over the past month.

Greece, which is set to announce its own measures against certain travelers, also raised concerns about a number of tourists identified on the island of Thassos who tested positive to Covid-19.

In Italy, once Europe’s worst-hit nation, the authorities prevented more than 100 Bangladeshi nationals from entering the country via a flight from Qatar on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Russian government said residents of the capital, Moscow, will only be allowed to visit theatres from August 1, making it the first time in more than four months that the Kremlin will authorize the opening of the centres to the public.

Meanwhile, angry Serbians rioted late into the night on Wednesday, storming the parliament building in the capital, Belgrade, and forcing President Alexander Vucic to postpone the reintroduction of lockdown measures.

So far, the US has the world’s highest coronavirus infections and deaths, followed by Brazil and Russia.

The Russian health authorities announced early on Thursday that cases in the country had edged past the 700,000 mark by the end of the previous day.

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