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Cleric urges Christians to avoid procrastination

The senior pastor of Help from Above Healing and Deliverance Ministry worldwide, pastor Godwin Ube wants Christians to avail themselves for the services of God and shun all manner of procrastination.

Pastor Ube made the call today in his Sunday sermon in Abuja.

Speaking on what he tagged ” Are you ready, coming to the Super’’ Pastor Ube stressed that God had provided Salvation to mankind and that there are numerous problems that needed to be corrected in the Lord’s church today, but procrastination had continue to pose a challenge.

He explained that Procrastination is failing to take action when you are meant to take action adding that it leads to both vision failure and destiny failure.

“Vision is for runners; vision is not just for documentation or decoration, it is for action

No man can waste God’s time; whenever you try to waste the time of God, He gives your place to another”

“When you are wasting time please understand that someone else is warming up to do what you are meant to do”

There is no destiny for the indecisive; when people who are meant to take decisions are given to indecision, they have no destination, Ube added.

It doesn’t matter how late you came into God, what matters is how aggressive you are progressing.

Pastor Ube therefore stated that the abundance of action will produce an abundance of acceleration; the abundance of labour will produce an abundance of results.

It is not how long you came but it is how hard you work that determines how fast you move

Georgina Humphrey

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