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Coronavirus: Brazil registers 26,000 cases in 1 day

Brazil has registered some 26,417 fresh coronavirus cases in a single day, bringing its total to more than 438,000.

The country’s death toll rose by 1,156, just shy of a record of 1,188 deaths recorded on May 21.

Brazil, Latin-America’s most populous country, is now second only to the United States in the total number of Covid-19 infections recorded. But it is behind the US, UK, Spain, Italy and France in terms of deaths.

The latest figures came on a day that right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro took a swipe at the nation’s Supreme Court for investigating an alleged disinformation and intimidation campaign by his supporters.

While urging the apex court to suspend the investigation, Mr. Bolsonaro used a social media video to label the probe “unconstitutional”. He warned that any move to restrict fake news in Brazil would establish censorship in the country.

The conflict between the president and the judiciary has continued to distract from efforts to control the country’s exploding coronavirus outbreak.

Mr. Bolsonaro, who has often played down the seriousness of the pandemic,insists  lockdown measures could kill more people through unemployment and hunger than the virus itself.

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