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Black voters considering Trump ‘ain’t black’ – says Biden

Democratic candidate for the US presidency, Joe Biden, says African Americans “ain’t black” if they vote for Mr. Donald Trump over him.

The controversial exchange happened during an interview conducted by radio host Charlamagne Tha God, in which he quizzed the former vice-president on Friday about his outreach to black voters.

Mr. Biden later expressed regret for the remark, insisting he had never taken African American support for granted.

Loyal support from black voters has been vital to the candidacy of the seventy-seven-year-old former senator from Delaware.

Throughout the eighteen-minute interview, Mr. Biden harped on his longstanding ties to the black community, noting his overwhelming win this year in South

Carolina’s presidential primary, a state where the Democratic electorate is more than 60% African American.

“I won every single county. I won the largest share of the black vote that anybody had, including Barack,” he said of ex-President Barack Obama, the country’s first African-American president, who picked Mr. Biden as his running mate in 2008.

Mr. Biden also said he was guaranteeing that several black women were being considered to serve as his vice-president. The presumptive nominee has already committed to selecting a woman to join him on the Democratic ticket.

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