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COVID-19: Plateau records increase in road transportation

Plateau state Express Services known as Plateau Riders has been witnessing influx of Travelers moving in and out of Jos, the state capital.

The Operations Manager Plateau state Express Services Mrs. Jesinta John made this known in JOS when correspondent Murtala Sani visited the park to monitor level of compliance to directives given by the state governor on strict registration of passengers coming in or out of the state.

The Operations Manager Plateau state Express Services, Mrs. Jesinta John said they are experiencing an increase in the number of passengers to the park, attributing it to the lockdown of commercial activities following the growing risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

When Radio N sought to know whether there were strict compliance to the registration and details of passengers coming in and going out of the park, Mrs Jesinta John said elite and civil servants were observing the directives, while other class of people that have no much details only shared the names, place of residence and phone numbers.

Radio Nigeria captured the mode of passengers reacting to the registration processes before entering motorist in the park, as majority coping details from their identification cards.

On whether both passengers and drivers have adhered to the use of face-mask, the Operations Manager Plateau Riders opined that, the price of the mask skyrocketed making it difficult for many to acquire one.

One of the passengers and a medical personnel on transit to Jalingo who pleaded anonymity was seen putting on face-mask. She highlighted some of the benefits associated with it.

Government at all levels, particularly that of states have come up with stringent measures that would help curb the spread of COVID 19, Plateau state is not an exception, hence the need for citizens to take precautionary measures to safeguard themselves and their families.

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