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Italian army evacuates dead from coronavirus epicentre

Italy has ordered the army to move corpses from a town at the center of the coronavirus outbreak.

Reports Thursday from Bergamo, northeast of Milan, spoke of a long column of military trucks driving through the streets overnight and removing coffins from the town’s cemetery.

Embattled Bergamo is located in northern Italy, where funeral services have been overwhelmed as the authorities prepared to prolong emergency lockdown measures across the country.

An army spokesman confirmed on Thursday that fifteen trucks and fifty soldiers had been deployed to move bodies to neighboring provinces.

 Earlier, local authorities in Bergamo had appealed for help with cremations after they had overwhelmed its crematorium.

Italy, Europe’s hardest-hit country, recorded the largest ever one-day increase in coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, with the total toll rising by 475 to nearly 3,000.

 There were more than 300 fatalities in the region of Lombardy alone, where Bergamo, with over 4,000 cases, is located.

Italy went into virtual lockdown before other countries in Europe, but with cases still rising, the government is considering even tougher measures.

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