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Italy pledges more money to combat coronavirus

Italy has pledged a further increase in spending for a “massive shock therapy” to offset the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said while pumping more money to mitigate the impact of the outbreak was critical, it was equally important for Italians to follow the rules.

Mr. Conte added that the sacrifices required to confront Covid-19 were for the good of all the people, not least if the country was to overcome the virus.

Italy is struggling to adapt to the most restrictive measures since World War Two, introduced on Sunday.

Under new quarantine rules, about 16 million people in Lombardy and fourteen provinces need special permission to travel.

Italy, Europe’s third most populous nation, has recently become the world’s worst-hit country after China, with 366 deaths now confirmed.

All of the country’s twenty regions have confirmed cases, and the total number of infections now stands at 6,387.

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