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Telecom operators call for infrastructure security

A Telecom network Operator calls for special protection of telecoms infrastructure as vandalism, insurgency hamper network quality.

The clarion call on the Federal government by telecom network operators to declare Telecommunications infrastructure as Critical National Infrastructure has continued as a Leading telecommunications services provider, in Nigeria, says that this would go a long way in helping to safeguard telecoms infrastructure.

In a news conference in Lagos, the Director of Corporate Communications and CRS , Airtel, Mr Emeka Oparah, called on the Federal Government to urgently deal with the menace of vandalism, insecurity and insurgency otherwise the current spate of dropped calls experienced by some telecommunications consumers would continue.

He noted that the telecom network operator alone recorded 1022 One Thousand and Twenty -Two ( 1022) cases of fibre cuts between July 2019 and 11th of February, 2020.

Four hundred and five ( 405) cases of the fibre cut which were as a result of road rehabilitation activities by construction workers while six hundred and seveteen (617) cases were due to vandalism.

Mr Oparah, therefore, pleaded that the Government should come to the aid of telecoms operators as these activities result in dropped calls, poor network quality, network congestion and poor user experience for telecommunications subscribers across the country.

He also urged the federal and state governments to hasten the approval process for the right of way for fibre deployment as well as quicken the Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) approval process, noting that these actions would help solve the problem of network congestion and network failure.

In a remark the Vice President, Network Operations, of the telecoms company, Dr Adedoyin Adeola, lamented that telecoms installations across the country are repeatedly vandalized, stolen, bombed and destroyed with reckless abandon, creating myriad of problems for the network operators as well as the telecommunication consumers.

Dr. Adeola also highlighted the efforts telcos are making to remedy the situation despite the harsh operating climate, stating that steps are being taken to improve surveillance across telecoms fibre routes; proactively engage with construction companies and communities; and enlisting the support of security agencies to access sites/telecoms infrastructure in flashpoints or troubled areas, among many others.

He also called on the government to urgently declare fibre routes as critical National Assets, contain the security challenges Country-wide and improve public power availability and quality.

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