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Correspondent reviews the significance of lent

Christian, particularly Orthodox members all over the world are today marking Ash Wednesday to commence the Spiritual exercise of a forty day fasting.

The Fasting, otherwise known as Lent started in the Sixth Century by Roman Catholics, is a yearly exercise for those who believed in it.

In this report, Religion Correspondent Samuel Adeyinka X-ray the Significance of lent to the growth of the faithful.
Ash Wednesday is a Christian holy day of prayer and fasting.

The day, is traditionally observed by Western Christians, Nigerians inclusive.

On the essence of Ash at the commencement of the lent, The Reverend Father Uche Umeh of the Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Karu Abuja, explained that the Ash signified that Human beings are just dust, created from dust and return to dust.

“The use of Ash simply means that we are created by dust and return to dust. And it shows that we are not for Earthly things but for heaven’s.” Reverend Father Umeh explained.

The Reverend Father Uche Umeh of the saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Karu Abuja, explained the essence of hash at the commencement of lent.

Father Umeh maintained that forty days fasting was Biblical, emphasized the need for the faithful to have physical and Spiritual rebirth before, during and after the Lent.

“The real Spiritual exercise is the forgiveness of one another, love to one another, not by denying your self food and doing evils.

Why Lent is not observed by all Christian?, the Reverend Shuaibu Zarmai of ECWA Good news Jikwoyi and the Presiding Overseer ,Overcoming Word Assembly, Kubwa the Reverend Etop Hanson explained that fasting and prayers were necessary for the growth of Christian but it should not be an annual event at it is this day.
” I have read my Bible all through, there is no specific place were Christians are mandated to go on fasting at particular period of time, except the holy Communion and the Lord’s Supper.” The Clergy Submitted.

The Clergy explained that the practice was first known with Roman Catholics before it became Global practice.

To the Venerable Bitrus Habila of Saint Paul’s Anglican Church, Nyanya, Lent calls for sober reflection,repentance from Sins and a time to show love to one another.

Venerable Habila urged faithful to use the period to pray for the lasting peace and growth of the Country.

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