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Airlines alert passengers of inclement weather

Airlines, both domestic and international have issued a weather alert to all their passengers of the difficulty being experienced due to inclement weather.

The poor and persisting weather condition according to the airlines had affected their port-Harcourt, Kaduna, Benin, Warri, Asaba, Yola, Sokoto among other routes.

An investigation by our correspondent at the time of filing this report reveals that the visibility at the Port-Harcourt airport which is now in fog is fluctuating between 600 meters and 800meters and the weather is becoming dust.

The minimum required for landing is 1,200 meters and to further worsen the situation the Instrument Landing System, ILS, at the airport is said to be unserviceable.

Lagos is experiencing dust haze, many flights have been delayed and cancellation and this is also affecting other routes as most flights in the mornings originate from Lagos.

The foreign airlines, due to the bad weather have continued to divert their flights to Accra with good weather condition of 3,000 meters for landing.

While the Category 3 ILS is yet to be functional that will aid landing even at zero visibility, the ILS currently on ground is said to be unserviceable according to airlines.

According to reports, when Delta airlines that diverted it flight to Accra opted to take the passengers back to the US due to the huge amount for hotel bills, the passengers blocked the gate at the Accra airport and did not want to return to the US.

The problem is also reported to be same for Rwandair, Kenyan Airways and Emirates airlines in Accra, Ghana.

Both passengers on both local and international routes are experiencing delays and cancellation of flights.

Nosa Aituamen/Lagos

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