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Nigerian’s judiciary one of the best – Retired Justice

Retired Supreme Court Judge and Emir of Lafia, Justice Sidi Bage.

The Emir of Lafia, Retired Justice Sidi Bage says the Nigerian Judiciary “is as good as the best” anywhere in the world.

Justice Bage said in an interview on Sunday in Abuja that many anglophone countries in Africa relied on manpower sent to them by the Nigeria Judiciary, adding that judgements by the country’s supreme court were often accessed, sold and used in many African countries.

“Federal Government of the Gambia and Sierra Leone, when you go to their bench you will see that right from the Chief Justice to most of the Justices of the Supreme Courts are provided by Nigerians. And they depend on the material that the court will work with; all are from Nigerians.”

The Supreme Court of Nigeria is on the Internet and judgements, as soon as they appear on the net, are assessed by people, it’s these judgements that most African countries, especially Anglophone, depend on, he said.

Justice Bage said there was no need for specialized courts to handle corruption and other high profile cases as the existing ones are already doing a great job.

He, however, emphasised on the need for Nigerians to have a change of attitude toward corruption which he said is tied to lingering security and economic problems in the country.

The monarch attributed cases of drugs abuse, cultism among the youths and child street begging as major problems bedevilling the northern part of the country and urged stakeholders to tackle the menace.

He added that the child street begging was unIslamic, and urged parents to take good care of their children.

Abdullahi Lamino

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