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Experts harp on importance of healthy living

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based Medicine by which comprehensive changes are used to prevent, treat and in some cases reverse diseases by addressing their underlying causes.

These changes include good nutrition, physical activity, Restorative night sleep, stress management, social connectedness and avoidance of harmful substances.

Health Editor, Maureen Eke highlights the impact of this life moderation on some people, including a 61-year-old sickle cell patient, Mrs Ademola Benjamin.

Mrs Ademola Benjamin, explained that she managed her condition with regular exercise and good feeding.

Mrs Benjamin said with vegetables and fruits, complications of sickle cell Anaemia ceased in her life.

Another person, Dr Chinasa Amadi, who had Asthma, complications of hypertension and weighed 80kg at the age of 16,  said she controlled her weight with dieting and exercise.

Doctor Patrick Ijewere also controlled his Asthmatic condition with good nutrition and physical activity.

According to a family physician, Dr Adaeze Ifezulike, physical activity helps in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.

Dr Ifezulike also spoke on recommendations for exercise and advised adult to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

Sleep is also an important factor in lifestyle Medicine.

According to the national sleep foundation at least 13-14 hour sleep is recommended for proper brain formation of a child while restorative night sleep of 7-8hours is recommended for adults.

A lifestyle medicine expert, Dr Moyosore Makinde explained that night sleeps are restorative because certain sleep-induced  Hormones are released by the body in the evenings.

She, however, said these Hormones can lead to Obesity when sleep is suppressed.
Social connectedness is also key to good health.

Dr Makinde said  Studies have shown that those who were socially disconnected are easily predisposed to all kinds of diseases.

According to her, socialising with others help to reduce suicidal tendencies.

On nutrition,    consumption of micronutrients, plant-based diet, high vegetable diet, whole grain food and adequate hydration are recommended to stay fit.

Chief consultant family physician, dept of family medicine, National Hospital, Abuja, and Founding President Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria, Dr Ifeoma Monye explained that whole food plant-based diet is the best for good health

Dr Monye maintained that tobacco cessation and quitting of harmful substances are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

Maureen Eke

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