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ECOWAS parliament supports adoption of ECO

The ECOWAS Parliament says it will support the adoption of a single currency for the West Africa block.

The Secretary General of the Parliament, John Azumah told journalists at the end of a parliamentary seminar in Banjul, Gambia, on Sunday, that parliament would collaborate with stakeholders to ensure the actualization of the use of ECO.

Mr. Azumah said the use of the common currency, ECO, adopted as its name, was vital for economic integration.

He said the 5th legislature which would be sworn in during the first quarter of the year would work hard to actualize the dream of the founding fathers of ECOWAS.

Achievements of the 4th legislature,

Mr Azumah said the 4th legislature had adopted Supplementary Act which enhanced the power of the Parliament and enabled it to carry out oversight functions on community institutions.

The Supplementary Act was adopted by the regional Heads of State and Government on 17th December 2016. It empowers the Parliament to have mandatory referrals on policies and programmes affecting the region and gives assent or opinion on matters referred to it.

“We couldn’t have done that without the Supplementary Act, once the Supplementary Act was signed for us we hit the ground running and then we undertook some oversight responsibilities.”

Mr. Azumah said the fourth legislature also took steps to curb illegal migration of youths from the region.

“Migration we looked at it as a topical issue and we took it and went up to the point where the people cross, that is Agadez, and we held a forum on that, and we are going to continue with that.”

There will be a proposal for the annual evaluation of the parliamentary activities of the Fifth Legislature, he said.

The Mid-Term Evaluation Report of programmes of the 4th legislature was also presented at the parliamentary seminar.

The extra ordinary session of the 4th Legislature will open on Monday 27th January 2020. It will be the last session of the Legislature which was inaugurated on February 4th 2016.

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