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Wonah plays record breaking 100 board-games

Nigerian board game reviewer Precious Wonah has played a record-breaking 100 board games in less than a year making Wonah the first known Nigerian to have achieved the feat in the board game industry.

Wonah, known professionally as Boardgame Presh, is a game tutor at Nigeria’s first board games-only café, NIBCARD Games café and started the journey in April.

Describing the feeling of hitting 100 board games, she said, “It feels amazing, exciting and fulfilling! At first, there was no goal as to how many board games I can play.

Wonah has played 100 board games, including ‘Splendor’, ‘Azul’, ‘Machi Koro’, ‘Homia’, ‘Safe Journi’, ‘Luku Luku’. Boardgame Presh has reviewed ‘Sherriff of Nottingham’, ‘Wan Wan Touch’, ‘Code names’ and ‘Stone Age.’

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