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US envoy cautions youths against cybercrime

Youths all over the world have been advised to take advantage of Information Communications Technology ICT and protect your information rather than engaging in cyber-crime.

The United States Chargé d’Affaires, Mrs. Kathleen FitzGiboon, made the call in Abuja, during the 2019 Commemoration of Cyber Security Awareness Week, organised by International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs and Information Resource Management Section, in the US Embassy in Nigeria.

Mrs. FitzGiboon stressed the importance of protecting personal information.

 “There are a lot of bad actors on the internet. They are after your personal information, they are after your bank account information, and they are after you for other reasons. So, I want you to think of how much information you want to put out,” she said.

 “People can misuse your profile; therefore, you need to own who you are on the internet. You should be careful about what kind of picture you use because even if you take it down, it doesn’t mean it has not been seen or downloaded by someone, and it could be used against you,” the Envoy added.

Mrs. Heather Armstrong, from Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, urged internet users to secure their personal information in order to protect themselves from being defrauded in cyber-crime activities.

Security is very importantas an internet user, you need to protect your personal information not all what you feel like should be posted somebody may use it to attack you” Mrs. Armstrong advised.

One of the participants of the event from US Information Programme Officer, Mr. Frit Gbarwea, said the Cyber-Crime Awareness is significant in the country as some youths engage in the activities.

This is an awareness that to give the general public about the cyber-crime, and it is global problem that is tarnishing the image of our country, and something has to be done to save our good image”

The issue of cyber-crime is seen as global security and economic threat that needs to be tackled to protect the good image of any nation.

The theme of the event was “own it, secure it, and protect it”.

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