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Peru’s Vice President resigns

Peru’s Vice President, Mercedes Araoz, resigned from her position late Tuesday as a power struggle roils the South American nation.

Vice President Araoz’s resignation came after President Martin Vizcarra on Monday disbanded the opposition-controlled Congress and called for fresh elections in January.

He said the move was necessary because the legislature has refused to pass a raft of anti-corruption reforms he has been championing, as well as changes to the way top judges are appointed.

Some Peruvians took to the streets in celebration.

Governors and leaders of the armed forces also came out in support of President Vizcarra, who assumed office on March 2018.

However, a group of opposition lawmakers voted to suspend President Vizcarra from office and nominate Vice President Araoz as interim president, leading to confusion about who was the country’s rightful leader.

On Tuesday, Vice President Araoz announced on Twitter she was resigning as vice president and declining the opposition’s appointment as interim leader.

Vice President Araoz said she hoped her decision would help smooth the path toward a general election that could pull Peru out of its political dysfunction.

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