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‘Stay out of Gulf’ – Iran warns foreign forces

Iranian President Hassan Roohani has told foreign forces not to intervene in the Gulf, warning that their presence is threatening the security of the region.

 Mr. Roohani’s comment came after the United State said it was deploying troops to the Gulf area.

Foreign forces had always brought “pain and misery” and should not be used in an “arms race”, Mr. Roohani said.

The Trump administration is sending more troops to Saudi Arabia following an attack on Saudi oil facilities both countries accuse Tehran of carrying out.

President Rouhani also said Iran would put forward a new Gulf peace initiative at the UN in the coming days.

This year has witnessed continuing tension between Washington and Tehran, following President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from an accord aimed at restricting Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for the easing of sanctions.

The latest row was caused by drone and missile attacks on the Saudi oil facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais on September 14.

Yemen’s pro-Iran Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the strikes, but both the US and its Saudi ally said the Iranians were to blame. Tehran has all along denied the charges.

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