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Labour confirms payment of new minimum wage

The National President of the Nigeria Civil Service Union (NCSU) and member of the Joint Public Service Negotiating Council, Lawrence Amaechi, confirm the commencement of the minimum wage payment to junior workers on the federal payroll.

Officers on grade levels 01 to 06 got the new minimum wage as their August salary.

He told The Nation that after the breakdown of negotiation between the government and the workers’ representatives on the consequential adjustment negotiation, the government went ahead to commence the payment of the wage to the workers.

The government had, in a circular, announced that workers on grade level 01 to 06 who are not involved in the consequential adjustment negotiation should begin to enjoy the new wage, a position organised labour rejected.

Amaechi said: “They have gone to commence the payment. They told us that they have started the payment and we have confirmed from our members that they were paid in August and have promised to pay the arrears in September.

“Negotiations have stalled for now and during our last meeting, we said we were going to report to our principals, which we have done. We are waiting for directives from our members on what to do.

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