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Proroguing: UK Supreme Court examines Johnson’s decision

Britain’s Supreme Court is meeting to consider the legality of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament for five weeks.

The country’s highest court will hear appeals from two separate challenges brought in England and Scotland over the next three days, following the ruling in Scotland that Mr. Johnson’s proroguing of the House was unlawful.

Lady Hale, the President of the eleven-man Court, said on Tuesday that its job was to “decide serious and difficult questions of law”.

But, in her opening statement, she said the court would not determine “wider political questions” relating to the Brexit process; adding that its ruling would have

no bearing on “when and how the UK leaves the EU”.

Ahead of the unprecedented hearing, the PM said he would “wait and see what the judges say” before deciding whether to recall Parliament.

The court battle over Mr. Johnson’s suspension of parliament began in England, where judges dismissed the case, finding the length of the prorogation was “purely political” and “not a matter for the courts”.

But on the same day, the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Scotland, ruled that the PM’s decision was unlawful because “it was motivated by the improper purpose of stymying parliament”.

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