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Americanah adapted for the screen, Nigerians react

Oscar-winning Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o will play ‘Ifemelu’ in Americanah, an adaptation of a book by popular Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

According to Warner Media, the company in charge of the screening, the movie will be a 10-episode series and Danai Gurira, the playwright who produced cinema-breaking movies like Black Panther, will write the screenplay.

WarnerMedia’s decision to give Nyong’o the role infuriated Nigerians and asked why a Kenyan will be playing a Nigerian.

“They need to stop doing this. We have fine actresses from Nigeria who can play these roles better. Lupita is good but try other people who are Nigerians. She’ is going to be told or taught how to speak half-baked Igbo instead of a real Nigerian?” says one of many tweets.

Other hailed the choice of Lupita and that the accent shouldn’t be a problem.

“When you can, you would go for the best..!! Lupita playing that role will suffer one thing and one thing alone, the “Igbo” accent, but if we can put that aside, we would all agree that she will interpret the character perfectly. So the question is, na accent be the problem,” says another tweet

In the book, Ifemelu leaves Nigeria and migrate to the US after the Nigerian education system failed her. Leaving the country was not as easy as anticipated, for she had to leave the love of her life, Obinze.

Like many migrants, she battles with cultural shocks and racism that black people struggle with overseas. However, with the use of technology, she finds her voice.

Chinedu Nmegwah

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