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Suspension of UK parliament ‘lawful’ – court

A UK high court has ruled that a legal challenge over Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend Parliament is “not unlawful”.

The case was brought by businesswoman Gina Miller, who argued the move was “an unlawful abuse of power”.

Dismissing Ms. Miller’s case, the judges said she could still launch an immediate appeal against the ruling because of the important points of law involved..

The appeal is slated for hearing at the Supreme Court on September 17.

In Edinburgh, Scotland, a similar legal challenge heard at the Court of Session was also dismissed on Wednesday.

PM Johnson had announced on August 28 that he wanted to shut down Parliament, a process known as proroguing, for five weeks ahead of a Queen’s Speech on October 14.

His opponents accuse him of using the move as a smokescreen to stop MPs passing legislation that would prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal on October 31.

The government denies the charge, insisting that proroguing Parliament would allow Mr. Johnson to set out his legislative agenda in the Queen’s Speech.

The PM also argued that parliament would be afforded enough time to debate the matter.

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