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Euthanasia: Dutch doctor faces trial

A doctor in the Netherlands has appeared in court after carrying out euthanasia, also known as assisted dying, on a patient suffering with severe dementia.

According to prosecutors, the doctor, name withheld, did not do enough to verify consent. It is the first such case since the Netherlands legalised euthanasia seventeen years ago.

The patient, seventy-four,was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when she died in 2016.

The doctor sedated the woman and asked her family to hold her down as she administered a lethal drug, prosecutors said.

The prosecution also claim the patient showed resistance during the process, although the doctor insists she acted cautiously.

Prosecutors have further indicated that they are not keen on a jail sentence for the retired female doctor, but want to clarify how the euthanasia law applies to patients suffering from dementia.