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Clergy calls for mutual understanding

Nigerians have been urged possess the virtues of mutual Understanding, Love and Respect for one another, to ensure Peace in the Country.

A Senior Minister of the International Praise Church, Radio House, Abuja, Pastor Francis Agbo made the call in today’s sermon entitled “Loosing My Religion”.

While admonishing the Congregation, , Pastor Francis Agbo emphasized that Christians should not only maintain good relationship with God, but stressed the need for them to continuously extend love to their neighbors.

The Clergyman told Radio Nigeria that the only way Nigeria could overcome ethnicity, Tribalism and Religious Violence was to tolerate one another.

Some members of the Church, Mrs Judith Clement and Mr Peter Musa called on Nigerians irrespective, of their Religious to cooperate towards achieving a Peaceful Society while advising Religious Leaders to preach love and Peace to their members in the interest of National Cohesion.

Similarly, the Presiding Overseer, overcoming Word Assembly, Worldwide Kubwa, Abuja Reverend Etop Hanson who attributed religious Violence to wrong teaching by the leaders from the two major Religions in the country.

Reverend Hanson who featured on the African Largest Radio Network news said only solution to religious disharmony is for all Nigerians irrespective of their tribe, Religion and Political affiliation to love one another.

According to Reverend Hanson, lack of love, greed, and intolerance are the cause of major problems affecting the nation. He therefore advised Christians and Muslims to act according to the tenets of their religious.

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