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Imam appeals for free education in all states

Government at all levels have been urged to make education free from primary to tertiary institutions to enable the youths stand on their feets.

Imam Abubakar Ali-Kamal made the call in his Jumaat sermon in Ilorin, the Kwara state Capital.

According to him government should make education free and provide the enabling environment for businesses to thrive to enable the youths take care of their old parents.

Imam Abubakar explained that government should shelve the idea of placing the old people on salary and cover the funds into the provisions of quality free education for the teaming youths in the in the states and the country in general.

He said denying the youths education will automatically make them destitutes in the future.

Imam Abubakar said it was only through the acquisition of quality education that the youths will be able to apply their wisdom in learning trade and other businesses that can bring economic prosperity into the country.

He appealed to government to have the political will in ensuring that all youths irrespective of their background are given free and quality education .

Ali Rabiu