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APC stakeholder demands fair primaries in Kogi

Alhaji Mohammed Audu, Son of the former governor of Kogi State, Late Prince Abubakar Audu  says  he has the best political grassroots structure to emerge as winner in the governorship election in the state.

Alhaji Audu, who is a governorship aspirant for the ticket of the APC  said, he was not concerned about the mode of primaries that the leadership of APC would adopt but that the process must be free, fair and credible.

Speaking  to  journalists in Abuja, the aspirant said what would  guarantee APC”s victory in the November 16 election is ensuring credible procedure in the primaries.

According to him, any manipulation of the primaries would not go down well with the manipulators.

He posited that in a  free and fair primaries that the incumbent governor of the state, Alhaji Yahaya Bello would lose.

He argued that all sectors of persons in Kogi State have rejected the governor, stating that another four years of the governor in the state would create a devastating situation for the people.

Speaking on mode of primaries, he said, “We are very happy that the party is given consideration to the various mode of primaries because we know that once the party fulfill its promise of carrying out transparent,free and fair process of selecting a candidate for the party I can assure you that the outcome of the Nov. 16 governorship election will be very sweet and decisive to the extent that peoples Democratic Party will not stand a chance. 

“I can promise you that 12 mid day on election day., Nov.16, APC will know its faith.

APC will jubilate to the high heavens. Anything to the contrary it will all happen in the same regard which means that if the people are not happy with the process then they have given opposition a very good opportunity which is all they are praying for. They are praying for an opportunity to use APC against APC which is only way they will stand the chance of victory. 

“If APC works together and has one house and emerges successful from this process they are unbeatable. If you allow a people process, all of us will support that process without any question but we know from Kogi state is that a people, free and fair process will definitely not produce Gov Yahaya Bello.”

Speaking on his chances and Usman Jibrin, he said, “Usman Jibrin just joined politics 3 months ago: learning on the job. He should prepare for 2023.

“For now, it’s a game of popularity and structure. I am the only one with party structure in the state. Political structure called the Audu political family.”

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