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Cleric cautions Muslims against slaughtering deformed animals

Animals recommended for Sallah included rams, camels, cow, goats and sheep.

 Muslims all over the world have been advised against slaughtering deformed animals for Sallah.

A Cleric with the Nurulhudda Islamic Centre, Ustaz Jimoh Abdulwahab gave the advice on Saturday in Ilorin the capital of Kwara state.

Ustaz Jimoh explained that only healthy animals free of any deformity and blemish can be used for Sallah.

“Animals that are blind, either in one of the two eyes, an animal with any form of the disease, and deformed either in its legs or any part of its body are forbidden.’’

The cleric also said that animals that had broken horns were not allowed, adding that the animals recommended must be healthy.

He also said that it was forbidden to slaughter animals in the night, in order to avoid slaughtering them improperly, adding that underage and non-knowledgeable persons were not allowed to slaughter Sallah rams.

“People under the influence of alcohol, unbelievers, and thugs among others are forbidden to slaughter animals during Sallah.

The Cleric advised that the meat should be divided into three portions, one portion for the family, the second portion for people visiting and the third for people who were unable to slaughter animals for Sallah.

He called on Muslim faithful to also extend the Sallah meat to adherents of other religions to demonstrate goodwill and brotherhood.

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