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Reports: Russian military jet arrives Venezuela

A Russian air force plane has landed in Venezuela’s main international airport, according to a Reuters witness.

The Ilyushin 62 jet arrived on Monday, three months after a similar landing spurred a war of words between the US and Russia.

Ifax News later quoted a Russian official as confirming the arrival of the military plane, but said its mission was only to service equipment.

In March, two Russian air force planes landed in Venezuela carrying Russian defense officials and 100 troops.

 In response, Washington accused Moscow of “reckless escalation” of the situation in the volatile South American country.

A Reuters report described the Russian aircraft that landed on Monday at the Maiquetia International Airport as a jet with tail number RA-86496.

Russia and the US support opposing sides in Venezuela’s political crisis.

While the Trump administration backs the Venezuelan opposition, and has imposed sanctions against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, Russia, on the other hand, has been providing economic and low-scale military assistance to enable Mr. Maduro’s left-wing government cushion the effects of the sanctions.

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