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Nigeria marks Telecoms and Information Society Day

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Nigeria today joined other countries around the world in marking World Telecommunications and Information Society Day.

This year’s theme for the commemoration of World Telecommunications and Information Society Day “Bridging the Standardisation Gap” simply highlights on the need to set standards in the ICT sector and meet up with the standard set by the International Telecoms Union ITU.

The ITU standards ensure interoperability, open up global markets, spur innovation and growth. They are good for developed and developing countries.

Over the years the Nigeria ICT industry particularly the telecommunications sector has witnessed exponential growth with about 174 million active subscriber voice base and 114 million mobile Internet subscriber base.

This has not only made life much easier for people but also facilitated growth and rapid development in all the sectors of the economy including Agriculture, health, commerce and governance, infact Nigeria has joined the league of countries in digital economy.

Given the theme for this year’s world telecoms day celebration, stakeholders in the ICT industry have continued to make suggestions on how to ensure that standards are met in both locally and internationally.

Telecommunication masts
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Including moving from 4g to 5g (5th generation technology) Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and use of Robotics in all spheres of the ICT sector.

For the Chairman Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria, ALTON Mr Gbenga Adebayo the time is ripe for the country to embrace Artificial Intelligence 

Mr Adebayo pointed out that there has been a shift from voice call to data, hence the need for the telecoms industry regulator, Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC to regulate the activities of Over The Top Services, OTT including, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook to mention but few.

The Director, Corporate Planning, Strategy and Risk Management of NCC Ms Josephine Amuwa confirm that there has been exponential growth in the area of data consumption.

The President of the Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria, Professor Charles Uwadia who emphasized the need for digital literacy among the policy makers said standards must be met in the services rendered by IT Professionals in the country.

The President Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr Babatunde Ruwase appealed to government to categorise telecom infrastructure as a critical national infrastructure given the importance of the sector

​​​​​This year’s celebration was aimed at getting ITU Membership and other key stakeholders including Nigeria to f​ocus on empowering local experts in the standardization process at the national, regional and international levels.

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