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Cyclone Idai: Death toll rises

The death toll in Mozambique from Cyclone Idai could be as high as 1,000, according to President Filipe Nyusi.

After flying over some of the worst-hit areas on Monday,  Mr. Nyusi described seeing bodies floating in the rivers.

The storm made landfall near the port city of Beira on Thursday with winds of up to 177 kilometres  an hour , but aid teams only reached the city on Sunday.

The BBC quotes a UN aid worker as saying that every building in Beira – home to half a million people – had been damaged.

According to the official, Gerald Bourke, from the UN’s World Food Programme, “No building is untouched. There is no power. There is no telecommunications. The streets are littered with fallen electricity lines.

“The roofs on so many houses have fallen in, likewise the walls. A lot of people in the city have lost their homes.”

The International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) reported on Tuesday that rescue crews spent much of the night helping people from trees.

The official death toll in Mozambique stands at eighty-four following flooding and high winds.

The cyclone has killed at least 180 people across southern Africa, including Zimbabwe and Malawi.

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